Aspen 白楊 10ml

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  • 平常容易緊張焦慮、神經質,卻說不出理由。對未來常有不祥的恐懼。在黑夜或陌生的環境也常感到無名的害怕或不安,有時更會失眠,也常會發惡夢。當被問及為何害怕,卻說不出理由。白楊幫助這些人能內心安詳。


    Aspen helps those who experience apprehension for which there appears to be no logical reason. This can take the form of vague but potent apprehension of some unknown future event or an uneasy ‘spooked out’ feeling in the dark or in strange places. The creepy, shivery feeling that is sometimes described as ‘someone just walked over my grave’ expresses the Aspen fear of the spirit / psychic realms very well. Shaking, trembling, or vague fluttering feelings in the tummy together with coldness, paleness & nightmares are all indications of the need for Aspen.


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