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Auric Protection 保護氣場花精噴霧 50ml

Auric Protection 保護氣場花精噴霧 50ml

庫存單位: CRH-00991


Safe boundaries





能量組合: 西洋蓍草、普列薄荷、十字石、天然磁石拉利瑪石、有機玫瑰花水


Auric Protection (Divine Harmony Essences) has been one of our most popular combinations over the years and we feel that many people will find it to be especially supportive in spray form, because of the immediacy of its action. Use this spray to help strengthen your aura and energy fields when you know that you will be facing situations that normally present you with an energetic challenge.


You will find it particularly helpful if you tend to be over sensitive to others emotions or thoughts, or experience an ‘energy drain’ when around lots of people. Use it in emotionally charged situations to help separate your emotions from those of others.


* Yarrow, Pennyroyal, Staurolite, Lodestone, Larimar, Organic Rose Water

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