Beech 山毛櫸 10ml

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  • 對待他人嚴厲、挑剔而苛刻,欠缺包容力。對別人要求過高,喜歡批評別人,是一完美主義者。當別人不照著他的標準行事,會顯得很惱怒,同時無法理解別人的觀點,容易成為極端或偏激份子。山毛櫸幫助這些人能有更多包容心。


    Beech helps those who need to establish a more loving, lenient and flexible relationship with themselves and with those around them. Criticism, judgement and intolerance are very common personality traits in today’s world where they are often seen as acceptable ways of instilling discipline in children as they grow up. However when these traits are not balanced with enough love the result is an individual who is constantly critical, intolerant and judgemental of themselves and others. Being easily irritated by others habits, having a very fixed outlook on life or so sensitive to criticism from others that it is difficult to benefit from life’s lessons, are all indications of the need for this remedy.


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