Cerato 水蕨 (希拉圖) 10ml

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  • 難以自己做決定,喜歡問別人的意見,四處查資料、算命占卜等,總是不相信自己的判斷。問了很多意見之後,反而越感困惑,就算最終下了決定,還是想著會不會有更好選擇。水蕨就是幫助找回內在的信心及智慧。


    Cerato restores the qualities of inner certainty and wisdom. Those in need of Cerato have difficulty trusting in their own intuition or ‘inner voice’. They appear to have an air of uncertainty around them and tend to seek the opinions of others when faced with decisions in their lives, rather than trust their own judgement. Even when they have consulted with friends & colleagues they will still have great difficulty making a firm choice of direction causing themselves much confusion. The statement ‘I don’t know’ can often be heard from the lips of those in the negative Cerato state. Cerato helps to create a bridge between the personality and the Soul restoring the ability to know and trust one’s own innate inner wisdom.


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