Chicory 菊苣 10ml

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  • 協助一些因過份關愛而變成過度占有慾的人。就像過度保護小孩的媽媽,喜歡給人忠告、囉唆、黏人,讓人喘不過氣。由於有強烈的情感依附,關懷備至之餘其實就是不肯放手,相對要得到別人愛的關注。當關心被拒絕時,會覺得自己付出的沒有獲得回報而生氣。菊苣會幫助這些人放下,了解什麼是不求回報的愛。


    Cherry Plum restores the qualities of balance, calmness and positive control of the mind. The negative Cherry Plum state can be a very extreme and uncomfortable one in which the personality experiences powerful and irrational fears. Those in need of this remedy often feel that they are loosing control of their mind, going insane, or perhaps having a breakdown. They can be snappy, on edge, want to scream or fear that they could be uncharacteristically violent, either to themselves or others. In a very extreme state they may have wide staring eyes and be unable to stop themselves from saying or doing things that are completely out of their normal character. Many women experience variations of these irrational feelings related to their monthly cycle. In all these situations Cherry Plum brings calmness, rationality and peace.


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