Clematis 鐵線蓮 10ml

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  • 懷有藝術家的性格,永遠活在自己白日夢的世界裡,幻想著未來的美好,而顯得心不在焉,欠缺專注力,對現實不感興趣,只憧景著美好的將來,而不付出實際的努力。鐵線蓮幫助這些人回到現在發揮創造力。


    Clematis helps those who all too easily drift off into daydreams and fantasies about the future feeling that life will be better there, than it currently is. People in need of this remedy seem to be generally inattentive or sleepy and might complain of forgetfulness or a lack of concentration. They often have cold feet and hands, and often need lots of sleep. Their lack of desire to be fully present means that they have their ‘head in the clouds’ most of the time and are generally ungrounded which makes them prone to appearing clumsy or accident-prone. Psychics and those working a lot in their imagination like artists and writers often need the ‘reality check’ that this remedy brings.


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