Crab Apple 野生酸蘋果 10ml

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  • 對於有潔癖或不喜歡自己的人非常有幫助,尤其是一些常感到自己受污染,極度不喜歡碰到髒東西,常感到骯髒不潔而焦慮不安的人。同時此為身體排毒的花精,也幫助一些對自己外表沒有信心的人。


    Crab Apple aids purification at all levels. Those in need of Crab Apple have temporarily lost sight of their own innate purity and carry underlying feelings of uncleanness, dirtiness or lack of purity, which in extreme states can manifest as obsessions related to housework or bodily cleanliness. They can be fussy, easily upset and have a tendency to make mountains out of molehills when in the negative state. Other indications for this remedy are skin eruptions or compulsive, obsessional behaviour of any sort. Crab Apple can usefully be applied to the skin as a lotion in a little water or added to a bath (10-12 drops), in addition to being ingested.


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