Grose 金雀花 (荊豆)

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  • 幫助一些完全陷於絕望,甚至失去求生意志,有嚴重憂鬱傾向的人找回新的希望及對將來的憧景。金雀花可以說是龍膽的嚴重版,龍膽是輕微受挫,而金雀花是感到沒有任何人或東西能拯救他們,是一絲曙光都看不到的人。


    Gorse is the remedy for those who suffer great uncertainty in the process of life, causing them to experience feelings of hopelessness and despair. This is a state sometimes found in those with a long-term illness who have lost all hope of recovery or in those whose experiences have caused them to view life ‘as a lost cause’. When this state is very deep rooted a person may have dark rings under the eyes or be prone to sigh a lot. Taken over a period of time Gorse will help to dispel these dark feelings and promote new hope and vision for the future.


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