Impatiens 鳳仙花 10ml

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  • 急性、沒耐性,事事要動作快,說話及走路都要快人一步。遇到動作慢的人或需要等待的情況時就極不耐煩。容易衝動及出言不順,但事後又會後悔。也適用於急於看到結果,無耐心等候的人。例如服藥或使用花療時沒有立即看到即時效果便打算放棄的人。


    Impatiens helps those who are driven by an inner sense of urgency, a feeling that they need to get things done ‘yesterday’. Those in need of Impatiens can become very impatient and irritable with others who are naturally slower than they are, a state that often creates inner discomfort and tightness. They usually prefer to do things by themselves because it is; ‘quicker to do it myself’.

    The Impatiens personality does not wait for long for anything, even to the point of finishing others sentences and can easily flare up in anger if pushed, although this will normally be quickly over and forgotten. They are very independent minded and can become isolated and unable to connect with others in the extreme state.


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