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Lily 百合花 (三位一體花精) 10ml

Lily 百合花 (三位一體花精) 10ml

庫存單位: CRH-00936



The three Bridging Essences can be used as additional support especially where you feel there is a need to clear away blockages in the heart that might prevent full access to the underlying karmic patterns.


[ 靈性合一 ]


這花精由純白色百合花製成。能幫助我們與靈性合一,保持一致,帶來更多的和平寧靜和舒適。對於那些感覺自己靈性修行不到位、沒信心及感覺不能發揮者特別有幫助 – 這是一般人與靈修者不時都會發生的情況。

This essence, made from a pure white lily, helps to keep us aligned with our spirituality, bringing greater peace, serenity & comfort. It is especially helpful for those experiencing feelings of spiritual insecurity – something that can happen to us all from time to time.

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