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Scleranthus 史開蘭 (線球草) 10ml

Scleranthus 史開蘭 (線球草) 10ml

庫存單位: CRH-00907



Scleranthus helps to restore the qualities of balance and decisiveness in the personality.

Those in need of Scleranthus can be gripped by crippling indecision when faced with a choice between two things. In this situation they will usually weigh things up and ‘um & ah’ for a long time. Emotionally they can swing from one extreme to another very easily and may become quickly tearful. Mentally they can have a tendency to respond to outside stimulus rather like a grasshopper, making it hard for them to concentrate in the negative state.

Scleranthus helps to restore one’s inner point of balance creating a greater connection with the Soul and one’s own inner direction.

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