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Sleep 甜睡寶石花精 10ml

Sleep 甜睡寶石花精 10ml

庫存單位: CRH-01366

甜睡 - 自然休息

Natural rest


充足的自然睡眠對我們所有人都很重要,尤其是在當我們面對改變和成長的時候。 在睡覺時,我們可以從上師及指導靈的指引而獲得寶貴的洞見也能淨化及平衡身體的氣場和精微能量系統。甜睡寶石花精能對這過程有很好的幫助。



Natural restful sleep is important for us all, especially whilst we are undergoing periodsof change and growth. During our sleep time we are able to gain valuable insights from our guides and teachers on the other levels as well as clearing and balancing our subtle energy systems. This combination will help to promote this process.


Combination of: - Forget-me-not, Morning Glory, Passionflower, Soapstone & Quartz Amethyst.

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