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Strength & Wellbeing 幸福力量寶石花精 10ml

Strength & Wellbeing 幸福力量寶石花精 10ml

庫存單位: CRH-01367


Restoring well being

強大而充滿活力的氣場及流暢沒阻塞的精微能量系統,就是身體安康幸福的重要因素。 這瓶寶石花精能幫助強化和支持身體這方面的能力,協助清除影響身心幸福的舊有負面思想或瑕疵。





A strong and vital energetic blueprint and fully functioning subtle energy system are an important factor in our well-being. This combination helps to strengthen and support these important areas as well as expelling any old patterns or impurities.


Combination of: - Pansy, Jasmine, Moss Agate, Gold, Tetrahedron & Blue Obsidian.

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